Damage denim jumpsuit inspiration

img_76331Happy friday !!… Hope every one is okey ..

Am wearing a Celfie t.shirt designed my myself 💃🏿and demin damaged jumpsuit ..I love this look what do you guys think about it ???


My New sunnies and colour pops

Hello!! Hope everyone is doing good ..Today will be sharing about my new sunnies and lipstick from fashion_bucket_list

I bought my new baes online and they were delivered in an hour ..I love colourpop ligpsticks its long lasting and amazing  ……I ordered  for Avenue and kae which have longed for a long time .💋 For the sunnies just got them but they are cute and stylish though have used colour pop lipstick before it’s great

You guys should  check out fashion_bucket list on Instagram  and make your order ..colourpop lipstick goes at 60k and the sunnies go at 50k

All the best !

Fish nets!

Have you tried this accessories?These classic tights are having a major comeback this season, and all it takes is the right amount of inspiration to work them into your existing wardrobe.  They can add a tough, fashion-forward edge to your favorite wardropeensembles.There are a few ways you can approach fishnet tights: One route is to look at them as an add-on or an accessory, letting them peek out from under the holes your jeans, or showing a few inches of fishnet just above your pants’ waistband. The other is to let them be your focal point; keep the punk vibes strong and show them off with miniskirts, heavy boots, and patterned outerwear for an outfit that’s sure to turn heads (and get all the Likes) every damn time.

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Photography@ Jonathan jab

Pleated skirts


Thanks to this season’s love affair with the pleated midi skirts.These are ready to wear skirts,knee  length and occasionally worn for party or casual ,you can team up this with t.shirts,shirts ,pullovers,tank tops, cardigans ,hats,heels,off shoulder tops.

With these ladylike styles you get a little more skin-coverage while still remaining warm weather-friendly thanks to the folds of fabric, just made to billow in the breeze.   Be sure not to miss this trend.

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Photography@Jonathan Jab


Mom jeans,yes!

The high-waisted, spoofed-on-‘Saturday Night Live’ denim are all the rage for the first time since the 1990s.

Mom jeans have been rediscovered  ,they feel fresh and new. Mom jeans are what I wear when I want no one to bother me my alone-time pants. “You don’t get a lot of guys hooting and hollering when you roll up with jeans up around your neck. So go ahead hipster kids, try and wear mom  jeans, but it’s a sacred passage into mom jeans. Respect!”

2 ways to wear mom jeans 1.wear with statement shoes ,secondly wear with a tailored piece or booty suit  ,there are further ways to wear these jeans ,but for now lets go with these .Thanks for reading XOXO

kevynblogger-3 (1)kevynblogger-6kevynblogger-7Photography @Jonathan jab

Whats trendy?

kevynblogger-38Hey guys , this article brings you a series of what is trendy.We all tend to loose track of the latest fad  or fashion. But no worries am here to  gladly  help , i will posting twice a week .am assuming you wont miss this out for anything .

For the every1st trend we have the over sized denim damage jacket, which you can throw on a little dress ,jumpsuit ,jeans  and the bandana which you  tie around your neck or around your head besides this am in truly in love with  these sunnys ,i actually got them at an affordable price so incase you want a pair, please leave a comment .Thanks for reading !XOXO

kevynblogger-37kevynblogger-33kevynblogger-35kevynblogger-33kevynblogger-32Photography@ Jonathan Jab



my celebrity style crushes

Happy thursday ..We’ve all been there glancing at some ones page ..and your like i definately love this persons style.Their idea of putting together a forward -feeling outfit that feels true to their personal style.JUDITH HEARD AND SHEILA GASH

Monday look

Hello guys been long …hope everyone is doing fine !! Been quite busy with a lot of stuff  but absolutely back 😘 Today wanted to share my Monday look…basically a maxi black dress and brown block heels with attach of gold detailing .You can wear this for a meeting /or late evening diners ..Hope you get some inspiration XOXO

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Blake off

img_12141Happy monday everyone! hope you had a lovely weekend,i do have a great feeling about this week Anyway let me kick off with todays outfit!!img_12051Am wearing an African T-Shirt from shomi Africa ,have dazzled it up these blue jeans .This outfit is quite simple ,less effort is needed yet the look is stunning .Usually i love to wear  t.shirts because of comfort they bring  so tucking in my t.shirt  pulls off the look!!! Not to forget the accessories,got this lovely chocker from Shomi Africa….its so beautiful




photographer@Ty cacek


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